Asterisk Managers Inc.*

*Means more profit to your bottom line

*means more profit to your bottom line
"I had concerns about whether our coverages were appropriate.  As a result, I hired AsteRisk Managers to review our D&O policies.  They suggested many changes and handled the bidding process.  The result was very satisfactory to both management and members of the Board of Midwest Wireless.  Next I asked AsteRisk Managers to manage the Property and Casualty renewal, which gave us better coverage at a reduced cost and with less reporting.  I would recommend AsteRisk managers for any of your insurance needs."
-- Dennis Findley, Senior Vice President & CFO
    Midwest Wireless

"I hired AsteRisk Managers to review all of our policies and make recommendations.  He improved our coverage and lowered our costs.  AsteRisk Managers also worked with our departments on ergonomic issues.  This reduced our Experience Modifier from 1.24 to .86.  This resulted in a $22,000 plus savings per year.  AsteRisk Managers also reviews every word of every policy and has found changes insurance companies would have taken from us had it not been for their review.  I recommend, with no reservations, AsteRisk Managers for a truly independent handling of your insurance and risk management needs.
Craig R. Weflen, Administrator
    Noran Neurological Clinic

"I can think of few expert witnesses (regarding insurance coverages) that did as well as you did in this trial."
William R. Sieben, Esq.
     Schwebel, Goetz and Sieben, P. A.

“The AsteRisk Managers Team provided a review and recommendations for defining our health insurance specifications to control costs while maintaining excellent coverage. AsteRisk’s staff is exceptional! Twenty-four hour service is provided to all of our management team.  I strongly recommendly AsteRisk Managers to any organization seeking risk management involvement.”
--  Ken Overstreet, President
    NorthStar Computer Forms

"The AsteRisk Managers Team offered the HealthCenter the strong skills needed when dealing with insurance companies, medical providers, and employee personalities. AsteRisk’s program managed the Workers’ Compensation claims so that the difficulty of dealing with employees was eliminated. I would highly recommend AsteRisk.”
--  Carolyn Krieger, Nursing Home Administrator
     St. Croix County Department of Health and Human Services.

“I can attest to AsteRisk Managers excellent capabilities in all areas of responsibility in which they served our company.  AsteRisk Managers served as my adviser in the Workers' Compensation area for 15 years at NCS and much of the improvement we made to the Workers' Compensation program was the direct result of their suggestions and their ability to implement those programs throughout the organization.  If you are in need of insurance risk management assistance, I can highly recommend Bill Husbands and AsteRisk Managers as skilled professionals with a no-nonsense, common-sense approach to your business.”
-- Tom Erickson, Director, Administrative Services
    National Computer Systems (NCS)