Asterisk Managers Inc.*

*Means more profit to your bottom line

*means more profit to your bottom line
About AsteRisk Managers

AsteRisk Managers was founded in 1982 with the primary objective of providing clients with independent risk management expertise at an affordable price with the unwaivering commitment to integrity and customer service.  That founding principle still governs today.  We are not affiliated with any insurance agency, broker or carrier - nor do we sell insurance.  Our sole commitment is to do what's in the best interest of our client. 

Our consulting staff consists of experienced risk management professionals.  Unlike many other consulting firms, our consultants are former risk managers of large national organizations.  This allows us to bring a unique perspective to our clients since we have actually sat behind the desk as risk managers.  We understand the role of identifying and managing risk from the inside out and not the outside in.

Our clients have included organizations, both domestic and international, in the following industries:  Bio-Tech, Construction, Education, Energy, Financial Institutions, Foundry, Healthcare (Hospitals, Nursing Homes & Clinics), Hospitality, Manufacturing, Medical, Municipalities, Non-Profit, Printing, Public Sector, Real Estate, Retail, Technology, and Transportation.

        Are you covered?            Are you sure?        It's only a problem when there is a claim.   Then it's too late. 

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